Gulet Charter & Blue Cruises in Turkey

Sailing in Turkey allows you to experience a truly enriching cultural exchange with the hospitable and gracious people of the coastal villages and towns.

For individuals or smaller groups not wishing to charter a full yacht, we also arrange cruises for mixed groups .

We are designed for people who wish to make the holiday a totally new experience alongside new friends Guests on these tours may be of varying nationalities are purchased, which only adds to the interest and enjoyment.

For a private, luxurious Blue Cruise you may charter a Gulet Yacht to share this great experience with your friends or family. Wether you choose to hire an traditional, standard, luxury or VIP Gulet Yacht which is suitable for your budget. Your comfort is our priority so sit back and relax, let our experienced crew to make your trip the most enjoyable one for you. Just keep in mind that this is all designed for your relaxation, comfort and for the utmost fun you can ever experience. Nowadays, Blue Cruise is an embodiment of the Turkish tourism industry and one of the most popular forms of holiday around Turkey.Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, the most delicious meals. . .and thousands of adventures are waiting for you. We assure you that Blue Cruise will be the most charming, historical and enjoyable time you can experience within your itinerary this holiday. So, just come, relax and enjoy the time with this amazingly stunning Blue Cruise ..